eZ430-F2013 Spy Bi-Wire Breakout Connector

I have been working with the MSP430 for some time now, and just recently started working on the new Code Composer Studio v4 (I don't care too much for IAR). I received my eZ430-F2013 a while ago when Texas Instruments offered me a coupon code in my email. Surprisingly I didn't pay shipping, and when a co-worker tried the same code he had to pay $15 for shipping (needless to say he didn't get it. I told him it was a 'free' USB dev tool).

The first thing I did when I received my eZ430 was solder on some header pins to the target board. This target board has the F2013, but you can get packs of 3 F2012's for $10 from TI. To allow the pins to come out of the case I used my soldering iron (not a good idea!) to melt away the plastic. So now I can have the USB stick all closed up, but still have the F2013 connected to my circuit and the programmer/debugger at the same time. And to connect it to my circuit/breadboard I made a connecting cable from a ribbon cable laying around and some 14-pin IDC sockets.


Bluetooth NES Game Pad Headset

I have neglected my blog for a while, whilst still doing my projects and schoolwork; so I have alot to get caught up with (hopefully I can remember what I did!).
Over 3 years ago I wanted to make an NES controller into a cellular phone. My idea was more ambitious then my skills at the time, to say the least. And also, at that time I only had a Radioshack pencil soldering iron to use (that couldn't wet up, except in one tiny spot. It was horrible). So when I stumbled upon a cheap (~$18) Motorola bluetooth headset, my idea changed. Although there was some SMT soldering involved, it was much less work than wiring up the keypad of a cellphone. I couldn't find many examples on the internets of this being done except for the banana headset, and the payphone headset.

Edit: I just found this blog of an NES BT, but at the time I wasn't aware of it (just found it for completeness sake.)